Before deciding to visit Malta, I never realised it was actually made up of three separate islands. Even though you’ll find most of the major sightseeing spots on the mainland, I actually loved its sister island of Gozo much more.

As a smaller and less developed neighbour, Gozo is much more rural in comparison, and its quiet, laid-back vibe was just what I was looking for when we came to this tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea.

I’d heard driving in Malta could be a bit… challenging, shall we say, but we’d decided to rent a car during our four-day trip anyway, and honestly, I couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s true that traffic can be ruthless in Malta, but thankfully this isn’t the case on Gozo, so even if you don’t fancy having a car throughout your trip, renting one just for Gozo makes it super easy to explore.

Alternatively, you can use the public transport on the island to get around, or there are also two tourist sightseeing buses which operate on Gozo – you can buy tickets for these on the day of your visit.

How to get from Malta to Gozo

Whether you’re going on foot or in a rental car, getting to Gozo from Malta is really easy. There are three ferries which operate daily from Cirkewwa in Malta to Mgarr in Gozo, leaving every 45 mins. It costs just €15.70 for a car and driver return, and €4.65 for a standard passenger fare.

If you’re going in a car, just drive straight up to the queue for the next ferry, and follow the instructions from the attendants. You don’t need to book in advance, and you only pay when you return back to Malta after leaving the ferry.

Things to do in Gozo

One of the best things about sightseeing in Gozo (and Malta in general), is that nearly all of the sites are free! There are several museums around the country which do incur entry fees, but you can easily explore the whole place without shelling out a penny. Here are six things to do on the island of Gozo, as tried and tested by me.

1. Xlendi

The water around Malta is some of the clearest and bluest I’ve ever seen, and you’ll probably want to get in it as soon as you can. One of the best places to go for a swim on Gozo is at Xlendi Bay, a really picturesque seaside village located at the south-west of the island.

xlendi bay malta

xlendi gozo

xlendi malta gozo

For some history in the area, you can take a walk to Xlendi Tower nearby, which is one of over a dozen lookout posts found across Malta.

There are also plenty of restaurants around the bay which all overlook the water, where you can stop for some delicious food and drinks.

2. Ġgantija Temples

Malta is a haven for historic sites, and the main one in Gozo is the neolithic Ġgantija Temples. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this temple was built nearly 5,500 years ago, meaning it’s even older than the pyramids of Egypt!

Entry to the site costs €10 each, and gives access to a small museum inside with more info and artifacts excavated from the site, before a visit to the temples themselves.

ggantija temples gozo

ggantija temples gozo

I enjoyed our visit, but if you’re short on time, money, or just don’t fancy seeing all of the many temples in Malta, I’d suggest skipping this one and visiting Hagar Qim on the mainland instead which is much bigger, and costs the same to enter.

3. Blue Hole/Azure Window

Search for photos of Malta, and one of the first images you’ll see will be of the Azure Window, a limestone rock arch which was one of Malta’s most famous landmarks. Notice though that I said ‘was’, because sadly it collapsed into the ocean following a heavy storm earlier this year.

Even though it’s too late to see the Azure Window, it’s still worth visiting the area where it once stood. The scenery here is really beautiful, and you can still see the Blue Hole, a natural round swimming pool on the side of the cliff.

azure window gozo

azure window gozo malta

Where the Azure Window once was

blue hole gozo malta

The Blue Hole – too dangerous to swim in today

The waves were far too strong the day I visited, so sadly I wasn’t able to go in myself, but if you’re there on a calm day, you can also go for a swim in it!

4. Wied Il-Għasri

If you don’t mind climbing a few steps, this is a beautiful spot that’s perfect for swimming and relaxing. Being off the beaten track, it’s more secluded and doesn’t attract nearly as many crowds as elsewhere on the island.

A series of steps lead down to a small pebble beach here, where you can enter the water in the most picturesque surroundings.

wied il ghasri gozo malta

wied il ghasri gozo malta

5. Victoria

The heart of Gozo is Victoria, its capital, where most Gozitans live. This was the last stop on our day trip, and having spent the rest of the day driving around the coastal parts of the island, the centre is really different in comparison. There’s one main street here lined with modern restaurants, shops and cafes on either side and makes a great place to stroll through. But the piece-de-la-resistance here is the…

6. Cittadella

With a fortress, castle and cathedral inside, the Cittadella is a large walled area in the centre of Victoria which has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. The site itself is fascinating to walk around, and offers some of the best panoramic views of Gozo.

citadella gozo malta

citadella gozo malta

citadella gozo malta

citadella gozo malta

citadella gozo malta

If you’re up for learning more about the city, there are also some museums inside including the Old Prison, Museum of Archaeology, and the Natural Science Museum – these have various entry fees and opening times however, so make sure to check before you go.

If you have more time on the island, check out these other bonus stops:

Ta’ Ċenċ Cliffs
A beautiful cliff face not far from Mgarr ferry terminal, you’ll need to go off grid to find these cliffs as there are no signposts. But find it, and you’ll be rewarded with stunning views completely away from the crowds.

Ramla Bay
As one of the only sandy beaches in Gozo, and Malta, head here if it’s a lazy sun-soaked day you’re after!

Ta’ Pinu
A Roman Catholic church in the countryside of Gozo, with lovely views of the area.

Is Gozo or Malta on your travel list? Have you already been before? Tell me in the comments!

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Things to do in Gozo
Things to do in Gozo Malta


  • Aireona- Nightborn Travel


    I’ve never heard of either of these islands, but this looks like a destination that I would love. The island itself looks so unique and those ruins are really amazing.

  • Erin


    These pictures are to die for! Malta is definitely on my list – thanks for all the helpful info!

  • Caroline


    I’m currently writing a blog about Gozo so this has inspired me to hurry up and do it haha. Your photos are beautiful – it was pouring with rain and freezing when I was there in April and I don’t think it suited it. Sunshine looks much nicer! Like you, I preferred Gozo to Malta itself – too touristy and commercial for me.

  • Jessica bradshaw


    This place is stunning! It’s for sure now on my travel bucket list! Wow. I love all of your photos and the tips you give. Great post, girl!

  • Rachel


    Beautiful photos! I’ve been to Malta and Gozo a very long time ago, it’s so sad to hear about the Azure Window xo

  • Nina Danielle


    Malta is stunning! It’s not somewhere that I had thought of visiting but honestly, this post has me totally wanting to go. Your photos of the water hitting the rocks are gorgeous!

  • Anna


    Your photos are wonderful! Malta is definitely somewhere I’d love to visit, and it looks like Gozo is a must do as well! How long did you spend there in total? Is it a weekend visit or longer trip?

  • Zara Aitken


    I’d love to visit Malta for the history! Great pictures 🙂

  • Helen


    We didn’t get to Gozo on our visit to Malta last month but I wish we had. It’s interesting that a few people now have said to me that they much preferred Gozo to Malta – Malta was wayyy too busy and congested for me so maybe Gozo would have been better. Very sad we didn’t visit in time to see the Azure Window!

  • Stephanie


    I did not know Malta consisted of different islands either. I would love to go one day. Everything looks so beautiful from the natural rock pools to the ancient architecture.


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