In June 2014 I was the most excited I have ever been.

I’d been dreaming of the experience all my life, and after years of waiting, it was finally about to happen – I was going on holiday, abroad!

I know it might not seem like a big deal, especially to those who’ve been on regular family trips since they were young, but I never really had the chance to travel and be a tourist until then.

I always knew I wanted to see the world, and that travel bug has only grown since that first trip years ago. Nowadays I’m constantly thinking about where to visit next, and dreaming of a new getaway is basically my happy place.

Whether it’s a short city break or a long adventurous trip, I love finding affordable luxury wherever I go. My favourite places are those with a bit of culture and/or history where I can eat and drink as the locals do, and from kayaking Venice to cliff-walking in Spain, I also enjoy finding interesting and unique day trips, excursions and activities to try out.

While travel is my main passion, I also have other loves which may occasionally make an appearance on this blog. As a British-Chinese, I sometimes write about race and identity which you can find here, and in my spare time I’m also a DIY-addict who loves ‘A Project’. Most recently, I converted a used VW Transporter into a campervan, which you can also read about in the van life section.

By day I work as a Freelance Graphic Designer from my home in Wales, UK, which I share with my partner and our rescue dog, Archer. I’ve lived here for the majority of my life and love being in the Welsh capital – at least for the time being, you never know…

Between work and life, I try to go away as much as my time and bank account will allow, and mainly travel with my partner Dave. This is where I’ll be sharing our experiences, and hopefully, it might even help you to plan your next adventure, too.

You can follow along with my latest trips on TwitterInstagram, and of course, this blog, which you can subscribe to for alerts of new posts.

And why Vic Advisor? It came about as a joke at work one day and kind of stuck…

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