In a big city like Berlin, you’re pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out.

Food alone is reason enough for me to travel sometimes, and when we went to Berlin back in November, it was so cold that it only made me want to binge-eat more. After several days of museum visits and sightseeing, we ended up just eating around the city towards the end of our trip. Luckily, there’s plenty of great places to choose from, but here are just six of the places I can personally recommend for food when you’re next in Berlin.

Markthalle Neun Berlin Street Food

I know I should be saving the best until last, but the street food market at Markthalle Neun is too good to not be at the top of the list.


Located in Kreuzberg, this weekly event takes place every Thursday night and is hugely popular with tourists and locals alike, so get there early or you might miss out on the best eats. Filled with a wide mix of food vendors who sell everything you could wish for in a mini food festival, we indulged on some delicious tofu and kimchi pockets, got to try our first currywurst (a classic German dish of sausages with tomato sauce and curry powder), delicious mix of meatballs, Japanese takoyaki (octopus dumplings), and a freshly baked waffle with fro-yo and chocolate sauce which was to die for.

I seek out food markets wherever we go, and this one quickly became one of my favourites – don’t miss it!

Kaufhaus Des Westens (KaDeWe)


I was recommended this place by a friend, and I wasn’t sure what to expect when I heard it was a food court located in a shopping centre. As soon as we got there though, I totally got the recommendation – forget your idea of tacky food courts, because this top floor eatery is like an upmarket, yet still accessible dining heaven (think lunch at the ground floor of Harrods).

Shoppers can browse through shelves stocked full with all sorts of produce from all over the world, which sit among small restaurants who serve hot food to bar customers at their bar counters.


As ever, I tried to go for something German, and so we tucked into a plate of traditional schnitzel each (tender pork fillet coated in breadcrumbs then deep fried) which was so delicious and savoury, washed down with a glass of beer – perfect.


When you’re craving a good burger, you probably wouldn’t think to look for a restaurant under a railway bridge that was once a public toilet. But even though Burgermeister happens to be just that, it’s one of the most popular and budget-friendly spots for food in Berlin.


Dishing up juicy beef patties in golden, toasted brioche buns, we had a burger and beer each, and shared a plate of chilli cheese fries for less than €20.

Brammibal’s Donuts

For a sweet treat in the afternoon, don’t miss Brammibal’s cafe for one of their delicious vegan donuts. Be prepared to make a difficult decision though when you get there, as their counter is filled with a seriously tempting selection of flavours.

We went for a glazed salted caramel and a tahini filled donut along with some coffees, and ate them while the rain poured outside.



If currywurst at the food market didn’t satisfy your cravings for German sausage, then Meisterstueck will surely quench it.

Dishing up super tasty plates of mixed sausages cooked over an open fire, they’re served with equally delicious traditional sides like sauerkraut and the creamiest potato salad I’ve ever had.


Soy Berlin

I was recommended this vegan Vietnamese restaurant by a friend and it did not disappoint, which was good because it wasn’t until we ordered that I realised the place I was told to go to was called actually Soya, and not Soy!

Food here was great nevertheless, and I really enjoyed their menu of small tapas-style asian dishes in a laid back atmosphere.


Have you been to any of my recommendations? What’s your favourite place to eat in Berlin? Tell me in the comments!

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