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Zineryt in uk raine The Russian government-owned Rosatom is a large international nuclear energy company that is involved in the construction of nuclear facilities in all continents, including Ukraine. It is also involved in the production of nuclear fuel for electricity generation in Ukraine. March 2013 the Ukrainian government purchased 24.3% of Rosatom through a privatization deal. The deal was part of new Ukrainian government's attempts to boost the sector and put Ukraine on the European energy map. The Russian government-owned Rosatom is also involved in the construction for second nuclear power plant at Kharkiv in Ukraine. The nuclear power plant is largest non-nuclear station in Russia and provides power to over 1.5 million citizens. In November 2012 the Ukrainian government signed a contract with Russia's Energomash on the construction of two additional nuclear power plants in Russia. The first two plants are expected to be completed by 2015, and the full capacity of project is scheduled for 2016. "The Ukraine government's privatization of Rosatom has made us a 'normal' Western European country. Its decision to privatize Rosatom is the only way to save Ukraine, for our economy and energy security," said the then Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in February zineryt in uk 2013. The decision to privatize Rosatom was also made at a time when the United States was pursuing a policy of "pivot to Asia," with the objective Zineryt 30 20mg - $137 Per pill of increasing its military presence in the Pacific and East Asia. In March 2013, the US State Department announced that it would lift sanctions originally placed on Rosatom following the signing of Bilateral Investment Treaty on May 21, 1997, but a US government source did not confirm this. Russia is involved in a number of businesses and sectors that require foreign currency, the most important of these being energy. In Russia the main energy export is oil, which produced in large amounts the eastern regions of country along the northern shore of Black Sea. Russia has the longest coastline on planet and the world's largest natural gas reserves. However, Russia is losing its dominance in the energy sector to US shale gas industry, a process that has begun many years ago with the US-produced hydrocarbons. US has begun a fracking revolution and the price of gas in US dollars is now very low, giving the US a financial foothold in its foreign policy. The US is also working hard to develop the shale gas industries in Europe and Asia. January 2013, Russia announced its intention to build a giant nuclear power station on Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic Ocean close to coast of Alaska. The power station is expected to be completed in 2016. The Russian government also has a very active armament industry in the form of large-scale armaments production. This is mainly achieved by supplying weapons abroad, which is done primarily for export to the Middle East and United States. The Russian government also exports arms to Pakistan and Iran. Many Russian weapons producers are very large and export companies. Russia remains among the world's largest producers of coal. In November 2012, Rosatom had signed agreements with several major coal and power companies to build nuclear stations on the basis of nuclear fusion technology. Russia is also involved heavily in the global petrochemical industry, as a result of its vast reserves natural gas. A large part of this industry is based on the production of chemicals, which is a highly profitable and energy-intensive industry. The US is in process of introducing a tax on chemicals, step that could have a significant impact on the international chemical industry. In November 2012, Rosatom signed an ambitious deal with BP Amoco to build a gas-processing facility in Russia. BP Amoco is a British energy company based in London. It is a global oil company which operates in approximately 120 countries. BP Amoco is the world's 20th largest oil company by revenue. Rosatom will use the BP Amoco gas-processing facility to produce the natural gas from hydrocarbons that it imports the Middle East and Europe. Rosatom will use the gas to fuel its nuclear-powered submarines as well for producing nuclear fuel electricity generation in Ukraine. In 2011, Rosatom was involved a deal in which the Russian state-owned Rosatom became energy supplier to Venezuela. In the past, Rosatom was involved in a number of deals Venezuela, including a joint venture with the state-owned Venezuelan oil company PDVSA. In April 2013, Rosatom signed a deal with the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA to build a petrochemical complex in Venezuela. The is to be based in the oil-rich Orinoco belt, near city of Maracaibo. In 2011 Russia signed a deal with the Brazilian oil giant Petrobras to supply Brazil with the natural gas it is expected to be importing from Russia in 2014. In 2011, Russia signed a deal with the Chinese.

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